Frequently Asked Questions


How does acupuncture work?
Acupuncture brings about balance by restoring the flow of energy where it is lacking and moving energy where it is trapped. Because acupuncture re-establishes the body’s harmony, it can prevent future illness as well as treat many current health issues.

Does acupuncture hurt?
During placement, sensation varies: some patients describe a momentary, localized feeling of distention, light pinch or vibration moving through the body. Patients also report sensations of warmth and/or a momentary itch. All are good signs that your energy is circulating. Acupuncture is so calming that many people fall asleep during treatment.

Who will give me my treatment?
Gabrielle Gottlieb, L.Ac., L.M.T., director of Well Balanced Woman, performs each treatment in a comfortable, welcoming environment.

What does acupuncture treat?
At Well Balanced Woman we focus on women’s and men's health: Pain Management, Menstrual Wellness and Weight Loss. See our About Acupuncture page for more information and a complete list of the many different conditions acupuncture can treat.

How can I learn more?
Feel free to read related articles on our blog. You can learn about the many benefits acupuncture provides, in addition to learning about our First Line Therapy [FLT] approach to weight loss. Call the office, at 917-885-7546 to set up a complimentary, private 15-minute phone consultation with Gabrielle Gottlieb. She will speak with you to discuss your current concerns. To set up an appointment by email, reach out to us on our Contact page.

Has the practitioner, Gabrielle Gottlieb, ever received acupuncture?
“Yes. Speaking from personal experience, acupuncture has balanced my hormones, relieved my pain, improved my digestion and has helped me through menstrual issues. I love acupuncture.”

Do I have to be sick to get acupuncture?
Many healthy patients receive regular seasonal or monthly treatments to prevent illness because acupuncture strengthens the immune system.

What is the AcuGraph?
All Well Balanced Woman Acupuncture patients receive an AcuGraph analysis. The AcuGraph is a non-invasive instrument that provides analytic information about your body’s energetic processes and functions. It aids the practitioner in determining treatment protocols and tracking treatment progress.

How many treatments will I need?
A series of treatments is recommended when receiving acupuncture. Your body’s symptoms and responsiveness will determine your treatment plan. An acute onset of symptoms may respond in two to three treatments, whereas, long-standing or chronic conditions may require a longer series of treatments.

What type of preparation is necessary, before receiving my acupuncture treatment?
To get the most from your acupuncture treatment, please download our recommended list for your pre-treatment ppreparation.

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What happens during my acupuncture treatment?
Acupuncture induces a state of calm. If any concerns or discomfort arise during treatment, let your practitioner know right away. You will be able to relax and enjoy your treatment in our comfortable treatment rooms.

What will I feel like after my treatment?
Some patients feel better right away, while others take more time to respond to treatment. Most people feel relaxed, centered and better able to fall asleep that night. You will be asked to let us know how you are responding at your follow up treatments.

How much will treatment cost?
Well Balanced Woman’s rates are in line with professional standards. We encourage you to call to ask questions and discuss your particular needs. After your first evaluation and treatment we will have a full discussion about the best way to proceed with your care based on your treatment plan.